Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Photos from SPD’s Sixth-Annual BEE-IN!

The Sixth Annual SPD Spelling “Bee-In” and Silent Auction was held on Monday, May 14th, at the Crown Point Gallery in San Francisco, and it was a huge success, bringing in much-needed funds for SPD. In fact, it earned more than any of our previous fundraisers!

The winner of the spelling bee itself was Jacqueline Luckett, author of Passing Love. Her victory was presumed to be a case of karmic payback for the fact that mysterious anti-spelling forces caused SPDers to misspell Jacqueline’s name on her name tag for the event! She narrowly beat out Mission-dweller (and author of Damascus) Joshua Mohr on the word “hirsute,” meaning hairy or shaggy or difficult to spell.

The event appeared to be fun for everyone, with the possible exception of some of our very brave spellers. As Dennis Bernstein, KPFA radio personality and new SPD author of Special Ed: Voices from a Hidden Classroom, put it as he worked on the word “bivouac”: “You know, I report on torture. And this is torture.”

Hence it is with the greatest and sincerest gratitude that we thank all our spellers, our sponsors, all the donors to the silent auction, the volunteers, and everyone who bought a ticket, for subjecting themselves to last night’s exercise in pleasure/torture....


Monday, May 7, 2012

SPD joins forces with Antena & Project Row Houses

SPD proudly joins forces with Antena, a language justice collaborative formed by John Pluecker and Jen Hofer, to broaden access to small press publications and innovative literature among Spanish-language and English-language readers in Houston, through Project Row Houses. Project Row Houses is a Houston-based arts and cultural organization that creates community by celebrating African-American culture in the city's historic Third Ward. Starting at the end of March 2012, John Pluecker will inhabit one of PRH's historic shotgun houses with a temporary bookstore, reading room and experimentation lab containing numerous small and tiny press publications-many supplied by SPD-with an African-American and Latino emphasis. Find out more by clicking here...

And if you are anywhere near Houston, don't miss it!!!!

SPD Bee-In Monday, May 14 @ Crown Point Gallery

SPD's annual fundraising event, our Bee-In, is next Monday! It's a spelling bee with alcohol, and tickets are still available!

Join us for the party! Keep our grassroots strong!


Thanks to everyone who attended our Grand Opening of the SPD Reading Room last Monday! We cut the ribbon! The room is open!