Tuesday, December 1, 2009

SPD Poetry Best-Sellers November 2009

  1. THE LAST 4 THINGS by Kate Greenstreet (Ahsahta Press)
  2. A MOUTH IN CALIFORNIA by Graham Foust (Flood Editions)
  3. FACE by Sherman Alexie (Hanging Loose Press)
  4. INCIVILITIES by Barbara Claire Freeman (Counterpath Press)
  5. PINK ELEPHANT by Rachel McKibbens (Cypher Books)
  6. SOMEBODY BLEW UP AMERICA AND OTHER POEMS by Amiri Baraka (House of Nehesi)
  7. THE BUSINESS OF FANCYDANCING by Sherman Alexie (Hanging Loose)
  8. FROM UNINCORPORATED TERRITORY by Craig Santos Perez (Tinfish Press)
  9. SHOT by Christine Hume (Counterpath Press)
  10. THERE'S THE HAND AND THERE'S THE ARID CHAIR by Tomaž Salamun (Counterpath Press)
  11. DUST AND CONSCIENCE by Truong Tran (Apogee Press)
  12. THE BOOK OF FRANK by CAConrad (Chax Press)
  13. SOME KIND OF CHEESE ORGY by Linh Dinh (Chax Press)
  14. TRAFFIC by Kenneth Goldsmith (Make Now Press)
  15. COMPLETE MINIMAL POEMS by Aram Saroyan (Ugly Duckling Presse)
  16. THE DIFFICULT FARM by Heather Christle (Octopus Books)
  17. WITH DEER by Aase Berg (translated by Johannes Göransson) (Black Ocean)
  18. AREAS OF FOG by Joseph Massey (Shearsman Books)
  19. THE BATTLEFIELD WHERE THE MOON SAYS I LOVE YOU by Frank Stanford (Lost Roads Publishers)
  20. ESCAPE FROM COMBRAY by Rick Snyder (Ugly Duckling Presse)
  21. MY NEW JOB by Catherine Wagner (Fence Books)
  22. THE ANCIENT BOOK OF HIP by D.W. Lichtenberg (Fourteen Hills Press)
  23. TALK SHOWS by Mónica de la Torre (Switchback Books)
  24. NIGHT SCENES by Lisa Jarnot (Flood Editions)
  25. BREAKING POEMS by Suheir Hammad (Cypher Books)
  26. POETICAL DICTIONARY (ABRIDGED) by Lohren Green (Atelos)
  27. CLAMPDOWN by Jennifer Moxley (Flood Editions)
  28. ELEANOR, ELEANOR, NOT YOUR REAL NAME by Kathryn Cowles (Bear Star Press)
  29. EUNOIA by Christian Bök (Coach House Books)
  30. THE FRONT by K. Silem Mohammad (Roof Books)

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