Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Books Just In! (So new they may not have a description or cover scan.)
Absolutely Eden by Bobbie Louise Hawkins (United Artists Books)
Pain Plus Thyme by Joe Amato (Factory School)
Red Noir by Anne Waldman (farfalla press / McMillan & Parrish)
Brainlifts by Tom Savage (Straw Gate Books)
The Midnight Blade of Some Honey by Eric W. Bragg, with illustrations by Ribitch (Oyster Moon Press)
The Somnambulist Footprints: A Collection of Surrealist Tales by Parry Harnden, Dale Michael Houstman, Shibek, Andrew Torch, J. Karl Bogartte, Xtian, Merl, Mattias Forshage, Mariela Arzadun, Eric W. Bragg, Matt Rounsville, Daniel Boyer, Ribitch, and Philip Kane (Oyster Moon Press)

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