Thursday, September 4, 2008

Books Just In!
from UNINCORPORATED TERRITORY by Craig Santos Perez (Tinfish Press)
State of the Union: 50 Political Poems edited by Joshua Beckman and Matthew Zapruder (Wave Books)
There Are Birds by John Taggart (Flood Editions)
Another Alley by Mike County (Bootstrap Press / Pressed Wafer)
The Materialist by Rick London (Doorjamb Press)
The Young Man from Savoy by C-F Ramuz (Host Publications)
Why the Long Face? by Ron MacLean (Swank Books)
Chocolate City Latina by Esperanza Malavé Cintrón (Swank Books)
Effects of Sunlight in the Fog by Alan Catlin (Bright Hill Press)
Shaking the Grass for Dew by Richard Lewis (New Native Press)
Metamorphosis Blues by Randy Fitzgerald (Beatitude Press)
Line by Line by Gary Bolstridge with drawings by Anne Marguerite Herbst (Beatitude Press)
Refusing Despair: Selected Poems & Journal Writings by Teresa Anderson (West End Press)
Soul Seeds: Revelations & Drawings by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld (Cross-Cultural Communications)
Contradictions by Alfred Corn (Copper Canyon Press)

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