Friday, September 26, 2008


Dear Mr. Johnston by Dave Johnston (Soultheft Records, Inc.)
Better Than Blood by Eric Greenwalt (Soultheft Records, Inc.)
Breaking The Willow: Poems of Parting, Exile, Separation & Reunion by David Lunde (White Pine Press)
An Unmistakable Shade of Red and The Obama Chronicles: Poems by Mary Weems (Bottom Dog Press)
The Steel Veil by Jack Marshall (Coffee House Press)
Moving Targets: On Poets, Poetry & Translation by Stephen Kessler (El Leon Literary Arts)
Nines by Michel Englebert (Printed Matter Press)
Istanbul Noir edited by Mustafa Ziyalan & Amy Spangler (Akashic Books)
Paris Noir edited by Aurélien Masson (Akashic Books)
The Poem's Heartbeat: A Manual of Prosody by Alfred Corn (Copper Canyon Press)

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