Tuesday, October 14, 2008

news from Telos Press

Annual Telos Conference: The 2009 Telos conference will take place in New York City on Saturday, January 17, on the topic “New Administration: War, Class, and Critical Theory.” The outcome of the election will (we expect) be clear by then; this will be an opportunity to give thought to the looming issues of financial crisis and foreign conflicts in the light of Telos traditions.

I would be grateful if those of you associated with colleges and universities could be sure that your institution subscribes, especially now that we are available online through Highwire Press. Otherwise please make sure that your own individual subscription is up-to-date and consider giving gift subscriptions to your friends and colleagues.

Finally, let me remind you to check out our website from time to time, at www.telospress.com, where you will find updates about the journal and the book line as well as short essays on current affairs—from the Wall Street meltdown to the politics of Zimbabwe.

I hope to see many of you at the conference, and I would be happy to receive feedback on our work.

With best wishes,

Russell Berman
Editor, Telos

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