Monday, October 27, 2008

Walt Martin writes SPD a letter...

"If I were to read A Helen Adam Reader a thousand times, I'd experience a thousand joys and an equal number of revelations. I chanced ("chanced" ?) to read Krirstin's wondrously perceptive introduction (which was pen-painted with a most refreshing artistic elegance - and in critique challenging academic acumen as well) while researching Nurse Cora Millay. The content of the authors compilation is an obvious labor of love, if not a sort of spiritual obligation (perhaps both); it's brilliantly presented, ever so readable, opens so very many doors, and is some far distance beyond being a simply thrilling and captivating read. Were it not for Kristin Prevallet's sterling effort, I would never have come to know the insightful magic of the incomparable Helen Adam... I'm thankful beyond words for being afforded the opportunity to "discover" the enchanted universe of Helen Adam, whom I'd have completely missed were it not for Kristin Prevallet's wonderful gift to the literary world...Thanks are certainly due from so very many diverse quarters!

--satisfied customer and friend of SPD, Walt Martin

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