Thursday, November 20, 2008


Banalities by Brane Mozetič (Midsummer Night's Press)
Poems from the Pond by Candice Stover (Deerbrook Editions)
Dura by Myung Mi Kim (Nightboat Books)
Dreams of a Robot Dancing Bee by James Tate (Wave Books)
Raking the Hallow Bones by Bryan Tso Jones (Fairweather Press)
Parish Krewes by Micah Ballard (Bootstrap Press)
This Must Be the Place by Alice George (Mayapple Press)
New Exercises by Franck André Jamme (Wave Books)
Rancho Weirdo by Laura Chester (Bootstrap Press)
Old Tale Road by Andrew Schelling (Empty Bowl)
Come Together: Imagine Peace P.Metres and A.Smith, Eds. (Harmony Press/Bottom Dog Press)
Suddenly, Out of a Long Sleep by Lowell Jaeger (Arctos Press)
Rattle Alan Fox, Ed. (Scarecrow Press)
The Fourth Canvas by Rana Bose (TSAR Press)
Shopping for Sabzi by Nitin Deckha (TSAR Press)
And Freddie Was My Darling by CB Follett (Many Voices Press)
I No Longer Believe in the Sun: Love Letters to Katie Couric by Derek Fenner (Bootstrap Press)
The Last Island by Mimi White (Deerbrook Editions)
Prayers & Run-on Sentences by Stuart Kestenbaum (Deerbrook Editions)
The Complete Poems of Louis Daniel Brodsky Sheri L. Vandermolen, Ed. (Time Being Books)
Un Bosque De Matemáticas/A Forest of Mathematics by Lucina Kathmann (Pen Club International)
Of Kingdoms & Kangaroo by James T.Stevens and Nicolas A.Destino (First Intensity Press)

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