Friday, December 19, 2008


In Another Castle by Matthew Shindell (Three Candles Press)
Catching Tigers in Red Weather by Andrew Demcak (Three Candles Press)
The Fear of Being Found by Erin Elizabeth Smith (Three Candles Press)
Women and Science: Then and Now by Vivian Gornick (The Feminist Press)
And the World Changed: Contemporary Stories by Pakistani Women edited by Muneeza Shamsie (The Feminist Press)
Walking the Precipice: Witness to the Rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan by Barbara Bick (The Feminist Press)
On the Cultivation of Gardens: A Ninth Century Gardening Book by Walafrid Strabo (Ithuriel's Spear)

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Andrew Demcak, Poet said...

Yay! I love SPD more than ever!