Friday, March 27, 2009


Plummet by Chris Nealon (Edge Books)
Theogony by Douglas Rothschild (Subpress)
Spell Albuqueque: Memoir of a "Difficult" Student by Tennessee Reed (AK Press)
Map of the Hydrogen World by Steve Halle (Cracked Slab Books)
Lightwall by Liliana Ursu (Zephyr Press)
Extreme Positions by Stephen Bett (Spuyten Duyvil)
Portland Noir edited by Kevin Sampsell (Akashic Books)
Seattle Noir edited by Curt Colbert (Akashic Books)
The Jook by Gary Phillips (PM Press/Switchblade)
Legible Heavens by H.L. Hix (Etruscan Press)
Saint Joe's Passion by Jeremy Schraffenberger (Etruscan Press)
A Poetics of Hiroshima by William Heyen (Etruscan Press)
Songs of the Dead by Derrick Jensen (PM Press/Flashpoint)

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