Friday, March 6, 2009

SPD Bad Poetry Contest: Worst Flarf Poem

1st Prize Winner: Lucas Rivera
Category: Worst Flarf Poem

The Dissolution of Eric Maskin
"Because mechanism designers do not generally know which outcomes are optimal in advance, they have to proceed more indirectly than simply prescribing outcomes by fiat; in particular, the mechanisms designed must generate the information needed as they are executed."
BAUDRILLARD—from Eric Maskin's Nobel Prize Lecture

My 19th century hummingbird
probably gathered the balance of Kafka,
a miracle,
and a sack race.

Upon the accumulation of all three
the guest will call you
but my hummingbird will die.

Kafka will become a bow hunter.
A miracle will be called a shower of pink.
And a sack race is a sack race.

But how did we become this way?

We: The Real People of God. ©

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