Monday, March 9, 2009

SPD Poetry Best-sellers January/February 09!

  1. BREAKING POEMS by Suheir Hammad (Cypher Books)
  2. FOUR LETTER WORDS by Truong Tran (Apogee Press)
  3. ZAATARDIVA by Suheir Hammad (Cypher Books)
  4. THE PLUM-STONE GAME by Kathleen Jesme (Ahsahta Press)
  5. COME TOGETHER: IMAGINE PEACE edited by Ann Smith, Larry Smith and Philip Metres (Bottom Dog Press)
  7. SHIMMING THE GLASS HOUSE by Helen Pruitt Wallace (Ashland Poetry Press)
  8. THE TREE OF NO by Sandy Florian (Action Books)
  9. ACTION KYLIE by Kevin Killian (ingirumimusnocteetcomsumimurigni)
  10. EUNOIA by Christian Bök (Coach House Books)
  11. THE MAN SUIT by Zachary Schomburg (Black Ocean)
  12. THE TURNING by Maxine Chernoff (Apogee Press)
  13. ONEIROMANCE (AN EPITHALAMION) by Kathleen Rooney (Switchback Books)
  14. THE BUSINESS OF FANCYDANCING by Sherman Alexie (Hanging Loose)
  15. GIRL SCOUT NATION by Yedda Morrison (Displaced Press)
  16. MAXIMUM GAGA by Lara Glenum (Action Books)
  17. RAKING THE HOLLOW BONES by Bryan Tso Jones (Fairweather Books)
  18. THE SOUND MIRROR by Andrew Joron (Flood Editions)
  19. THE WHOLE MARIE by Barbara Maloutas (Ahsahta Press)
  20. THERE ARE BIRDS by John Taggart (Flood Editions)
  21. YOU ARE A LITTLE BIT HAPPIER THAN I AM by Tao Lin (Action Books)
  22. AND HOW TO END IT by Brian Clements (Quale Press)
  23. NEWCOMER CAN'T SWIM by Renee Gladman (Kelsey Street Press)
  24. NIGHT SCENES by Lisa Jarnot (Flood Editions)
  25. PUBLIC DOMAIN by Mónica de la Torre (Roof Books)
  26. PLEASE by Jericho Brown (New Issues Poetry & Prose)
  27. THE POETS GUIDE TO THE BIRDS edited by Judith Kitchen and Ted Kooser (Anhinga Press)
  28. TO AFTER THAT (TOAF) by Renee Gladman (Atelos)
  29. PETALS OF ZERO PETALS OF ONE by Andrew Zawacki (Talisman House)
  30. RADI OS by Ronald Johnson (Flood Editions)

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