Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hurry Home Honey by Sawako Nakayasu (Burning Deck)
World Ball Notebook by Sesshu Foster (City Lights)
Zero at the Bone by Stacie Cassarino (New Issues Poetry & Prose)
Dirt Angels by Donald Platt (New Issues Poetry & Prose)
Islands Linked by Ocean by Lisa Linn Kanae (Bamboo Ridge Press)
Dine-Rite: Breakfast Poems by Louis Daniel Brodsky (Time Being Books)
Columbine: A True Crime Story, a Victim, the Killers and the Nation's Search for Answers by Jeff Kass (Ghost Road Press)
Seaweed, Salmon, and Manzanita Cider: A California Indian Feast by Margaret Dubin and Sara-Larus Tolley (Heyday Books)
Gospel by Samiya Bashir (Redbone Press)
Apology for the Book of Creatures by Dan Beachy-Quick (Ahsahta Press)
Trillions & Trillions of Heartbeats by Meg Hamill (Resonant Books)

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