Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best Poem-In-Which-Every-Word-Is-Spelled-Wrong Bee

Write a really good poem in which every word is really badly spelled!

Win a $100 SPD Gift Certificate!

Now everyone can get in on the action that will take place May 18th at the Crown Point Gallery in San Francisco when we have our Bee-In, a Spelling Bee to Benefit SPD.

We realize that conceptual poets might have the edge in this competition, but feel that SPD readers and writers will be equal to the challenge.

Two things that are true on the internet is that no one knows you are a dog and, with very little effort, everyone can spell. Hence the challenge to misspell, but with élan!

Here’s the deal:
  1. Poem can be of any length but, you know, give us a break here, man.

  2. All words in the poem must be misspelled but must also be legible in some way or other.

  3. SPD staff will judge the entries.

  4. Email your poem to by May 18th, the day of the Bee-In, a Spelling Bee to Benefit SPD.

1 comment:

Emily Lloyd said...

Love this idea. When you say "all words mispelled," would this include those spell-check-failure poems where words are correctly spelled, but presumably aren't the words the speaker intended? (I hope not) Or are we talking pure spelling failures?