Thursday, May 28, 2009


Things have been a bit hectic around here what with the Bee-In and all, but we have finally made a decision in our Poem-In-Which-Every-Word-Is-Spelled-Wrong Bee. It is a tie! In a hotly contested fight to the finish, Bhanu Kapil and Dan Thomas-Glass came in together in a dead heat of votes! We are therefore awarding not one but two $100 gift certificates -- one to Bhanu and one to Dan!

Congradualations ta yu bothe!!

Kudos should also be given to our other contestants. We will include a selection of the best wrongly spelled poems soon. There were several excellent ones. Well done poet spellers!

(Bhanu Kapil by Andrew Kenower)


by Bhanu Kapil

Porqi, cimmere yeh Bashtard: azs wi sey een der YOOKAY.
End hee Gellops farard azs hee shood.
Shame canni bee sed fer deh uver Bashtard een mee LIF:
Mee "Marn," mi "Louvre wid norbs on."*

*Thash** "gnobs," ashkually.

**Ay shound DRENK! Ay shound tertelly orf mee trimble!

(Dan Thomas-Glass by Clay Banes)

Hw th nght brks

by Dan Thomas-Glass

Hw th nght brks
nt lk dgs brk bt lk brcks,
th rd knd,
th knd Y Mng thrws p
(bfr h brk hs ft)
n th frth qrtr,
whn hs trd frm
bng mssvly lrg,
lk hs cntry hs twnty-frst cntry lrg
(Chn mthrfckrs wht),
yh the nght brks lk Y Ming brcks whn hs trd,
r lk glbl cptlsm r
Chrstn Bk’s bk n,
knd f hrd t pctr—th vwls—
r lk drvg wth Bb Crly
slmmng n th brks fr Chrsts sk!
Thts th nght brkng. Th drknss.

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