Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SPD at the LA Festival of Books

At the end of April, SPD took a giant white van full of our wares down to Starsville for the LA Times Book Festival.

Well, it turns out it's called Hollywood for a reason: your humble reporter stumbled across the premier of what is surely the next Citizen Cane (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past). I had to be informed I was looking at Michael Douglas and Jennifer Garner (distance = 200 yards), and that I had just missed the star of the night, our own Orson Wells of the aughts, Matthew McConaughey.

However, the real stars were up on the UCLA campus: the writers, the poets, the books, the children's show icons, and the people, the people, the people. Our booth almost never had less than three or four browsers in it on both days of the festival, and we sold a great many books and received a great many interested inquiries into what, exactly, SPD is ("not a publisher," as we let many saddened prospective authors know).

Photos of all the books we took are below. Judging by the reviews, I'd attest that ALL of them are better than a certain new film...

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