Monday, November 16, 2009

PRINCESS FREAK by Nancy Agabian

Nancy Agabian
$10 | paper | 121 pp.
Beyond Baroque Books
ISBN: 1892184079

Poetry. Fiction. Performance Texts. Gay and Lesbian Studies. PRINCESS FREAK is the first book by Nancy Agabian, a performance artist and writer who formed the performance art-punk-folk band Guitar Boy with Ann Perich in Los Angeles in 1998. PRINCESS FREAK documents the coming-of-age of a shy, funny, bisexual Armenian-American woman who flees the small town of Walpole, Massachusetts to tell the stories of her family. Agabian's paternal grandmother was a survivor of the Armenian Genocide in Turkey in 1915, and much of the work in the book carries the impact of this devastating event.

"She pays close attention to what most of us overlook—in her hands the ordinary explodes into beauty and complexity."—Holly Hughes

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