Wednesday, January 13, 2010


  1. KHIRBET KHIZEH by S. Yizhar (Ibis Editions)
  2. SITT MARIE ROSE by Etel Adnan (The Post-Apollo Press)
  3. MOTORMAN by David Ohle (Calamari Press)
  4. TRINO'S CHOICE by Diane Gonzales Bertrand (Arte Público Press)
  5. ISLAND OF THE NAKED WOMEN by Inger Frimansson (Caravel Books)
  6. FOAM OF THE DAZE by Boris Vian (Tam Tam Books)
  7. STORIES IN THE WORST WAY by Gary Lutz (Calamari Press)
  8. CHANGING by Lily Hoang (Fairy Tale Review Press)
  9. NONEXISTENCE by Kenji Siratori (BlazeVOX Books)
  10. LITTLE BOOK OF DAYS by Nona Caspers (Spuyten Duyvil)
  11. THE CREEPY GIRL AND OTHER STORIES by Janet Mitchell (Starcherone Books)
  12. THE ACTIVIST by Renee Gladman (Krupskaya)
  13. ROLLING THE R'S by R. Zamora Linmark (Kaya Press)
  14. WHERE WE ONCE BELONGED by Sia Figiel (Kaya Press)
  15. BRET HARTE'S GOLD RUSH by Bret Harte (Heyday Books)
  16. GRANDCHILDREN OF THE BUFFALO SOLDIERS AND OTHER UNTOLD STORIES by William S. Yellow Robe, Jr. (UCLA American Indian Studies Center)
  17. THE CHANGELING by Joy Williams (Fairy Tale Review Press)
  18. MANHATTEN by Sarah Rosenthal (Spuyten Duyvil)
  19. MATTERHORN: A NOVEL OF THE VIETNAM WAR by Karl Marlantes (El León Literary Arts)
    NB: EDITION OUT OF PRINT; new edition forthcoming from Grove/Atlantic
  20. ARMY OF ONE by Janet Sarbanes (Otis Books/Seismicity Editions)
  21. SPINNING WILL by P.M. Woods (Swank Books)
  22. UNEXPLAINED PRESENCE by Tisa Bryant (Leon Works)
  23. AT OR NEAR THE SURFACE by Jenny Pritchett (Fourteen Hills Press)
  24. EVER by Blake Butler (Calamari Press)
  25. THE UNDISCOVERED ISLAND by Darrell Kastin (UMass Dartmouth)
  26. WHAT DID I DO WRONG? by Fanny Howe (Flood Editions)
  28. SNOWBALL'S CHANCE by John Reed (Roof Books)
  29. JOURNEY TO TOPAZ by Yushiko Uchida (Heyday Books)
  30. THE WIND EAGLE AND OTHER ABENAKI STORIES edited by Joseph Bruchac (Greenfield)
  31. DIVINE MUSIC by Suruchi Mohan (Bayeux Arts)
  32. I GO TO SOME HOLLOW by Amina Cain (Les Figues Press)
  33. PONCIÁ VICENCIO by Conceiçáo Evaristo (Host Publications)
  34. ROSE ALLEY by Jeremy M. Davies (Counterpath Press)
  35. LIGHT BOXES by Shane Jones (Publishing Genius Press)
    NB: EDITION OUT OF PRINT; new edition forthcoming from Penguin Group
  36. THE THIRDEST WORLD: STORIES AND ESSAYS BY THREE FILIPINO WRITERS by Gina Apostol, Eric Gamalinda and Lara Stapleton (Factory School)
  37. THE BLONDE ON THE TRAIN by Eleanor Lerman (Mayapple Press)
  38. BOONS & THE CAMP by David Ohle (Calamari Press)
  39. GOOD, BROTHER by Peter Markus (Calamari Press)
  40. CIRCLE K CYCLES by Karen Tei Yamashita (Coffee House Press)
  41. SARAYA, THE OGRE'S DAUGHTER by Emile Habiby (IBIS Editions)
  42. WHERE I STAY by Andrew Zornoza (Tarpaulin Sky Press)
  43. LIVE FROM FRESNO Y LOS by Stephen D. Gutierrez (Bear Star Press)
  44. A JELLO HORSE by Matthew Simmons (Publishing Genius Press)
  45. PARABOLA by Lily Hoang (Chiasmus Press)
  46. NINE TEN AGAIN by Phil Condon (Elixir Press)
  47. RANCHO WEIRDO by Laura Chester (Bootstrap Press)
  48. DIES: A SENTENCE by Vanessa Place (Les Figues Press)
  49. THEY WHO DO NOT GRIEVE by Sia Figiel (Kaya Press)
  50. I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVES by Boris Vian (Tam Tam Books)

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