Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Michael Gizzi (1949-2010)

We were saddened and distressed this morning to hear of the passing of Michael Gizzi. Michael was a truly wonderful poet whose works will be appreciated for a long time, as well as a longtime friend and supporter of both SPD and a small army of younger writers who attribute much of their passion for the art to Michael. At different times in his life Michael was deeply involved with not one but two exemplary SPD publishers, Hard Press and Qua Books. It is inadequate to say he will be missed.

—the SPD Staff

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Anonymous said...

“But we’re not going to jaw about Ovid or the rosy steps of mother, her microscopic brand of honey. We expect you to understand.

See you over the next hill.”

--from “The Deep,” in NEW DEPTHS OF DEADPAN