Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Huffington Post on Poets

It's still not every day that poetry shows up on the Huffington Post (although, pleasantly enough, they're paying it increasing attention over there).  Recently HuffPo asked 22 contemporary poets a simple yet ridiculously contentious question: who is the single most important contemporary poet?   While nearly all the respondents expressed some resistance and/or amusement toward the question, nevertheless SPD authors were picked outright in at least five cases, and mentioned often in other responses.  A number of SPD authors were also among the respondents.  

SPD Authors Selected as Most Important Contemporary Poet:

Larry Eigner (chosen by Charles Bernstein)
CA Conrad (chosen by Eileen Myles)
Ron Padgett (chosen by Bill Zavatsky)
Benjamin Alire Saenz (chosen by Rigoberto Gonzales)
Charles Simic (chosen by Jay Parini)

Respondents With SPD Titles:

Bill Zavatsky
Jean Valentine
Clayton Eshleman
Rigoberto Gonzales
H.L. Hix
Charles Bernstein
Juan Felipe Herrera
Forrest Gander
Kevin Prufer
Michael McClure
Eileen Myles

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