Friday, March 4, 2011


  1. Barrio Bushido by Benjamin Bac Sierra (El León Literary Arts)
  2. The Cosmopolitans by Nadia Kalman (Livingston Press)
  3. Beauties by Mary Troy (BkMk Press at the University of Missouri-Kansas City)
  4. I Looked Alive by Gary Lutz (The Brooklyn Rail/Black Square Editions)
  5. Lunar Braceros 2125-2148 by Rosaura Sánchez and Beatrice Pita (Calaca Press)
  6. Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead by Barbara Comyns (Dorothy, a publishing project)
  7. Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls by Alissa Nutting (Starcherone Books)
  8. Stories in the Worst Way by Gary Lutz (Calamari Press)
  9. Georgic by Mariko Nagai (BkMk Press at the University of Missouri-Kansas City)
  10. Event Factory by Renee Gladman (Dorothy, a publishing project)
  11. Master of Miniatures by Jim Shepard (Solid Objects)
  12. Color Plates by Adam Golaski (Rose Metal Press)
  13. Vacant Lot by Oliver Rohe (Counterpath Press)
  14. Monster Party by Lizzy Acker (Small Desk Press)
  15. Welcome to Miami, Doctor Leal by René Vázquez Díaz (Latin American Literary Review Press)
  16. Kyra Kyralina by Panait Istrati (Talisman House)
  17. Life as It Is by Nelson Rodrigues (Host Publications)
  18. Thirty Miles to Rosebud by Barbara Henning (BlazeVOX Books)
  19. Firework by Eugene Marten (Tyrant Books)
  20. Encyclopedia Volume 2, F-K edited by Tisa Bryant, Miranda Mellis, and Kate Schatz (Encyclomedia)
  21. Jewels and Other Stories by Dawn Promislow (TSAR Publications)
  22. A Jello Horse by Matthew Simmons (Publishing Genius Press)
  23. Everything Faces All Ways at Once by Zulema Renee Summerfield (Fourteen Hills Press)
  24. White, Christian by Christopher Stoddard (Triton Books)
  25. Ever by Blake Butler (Calamari Press)
  26. On the Clock: Contemporary Short Stories of Work edited by Jeff Vande Zande and Josh Maday (Bottom Dog Press)
  27. Bunker Anatomy by Christophe Claro (Marick Press)
  28. Homicide Survivors Picnic and Other Stories by Lorraine M. López (BkMk Press at the University of Missouri-Kansas City)
  29. The Paris Stories by Laird Hunt (Marick Press)
  30. The Dihedrons Gazelle-Dihedrals Zoom by Leslie Scalapino (The Post-Apollo Press)

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