Friday, February 6, 2009

SPD Archive, 1973

Spring/Summer 1973 catalog of what was then Serendipity Books Distribution, founded in 1969 by Jack Shoemaker and Peter Howard. SBD became SPD around 1980. This is the earliest catalog found in the SPD archives. Cover photo by Chuck Miller.

Above is the first page from that 1973 catalog, a checklist of small presses carried by Serendipity Books Distribution in 1973. SPD has grown from 20 presses in 1973 to 400+ in 2009.

Above is the beginning of the title list. Note the prices. We believe this was a complete catalog of books then available through SBD.

Above, a randomly selected section from the middle of the catalog.

Above is the last page of that 1973 catalog. The titles of the trio of magazines offered in the "Runcible Spoon Set" seem to tell a frightening little story: My Landlord Must Be Really Upset, Suck My Eyes!, and The Final Resting Place of the Ten Thousand Names of the Buddha.


-k said...

Very cool stuff! Any more?

Brent Cunningham said...

More's a coming, yep!