Monday, February 9, 2009

SPD Archive, 1974

The second-oldest catalog in SPD's archives, this Jess-like cover was designed by Chuck Miller, who also did the photo for the 1973 catalog.

Above, the list of presses SBD carried in summer of 1974. Golliard/Santa Fe has now dropped. Meanwhile, seven new presses have joined: Arif, Cranium, Grey Fox, Ithaca House, Latitudes, Maya and Red Hill.

Above, two internal pages. One title to notice is Chameleon, the first book by Charles Baxter. He may be a famous novelist now, but it's a book of poems (with drawings by Mary E. Miner). The signed version, offered in 1974 for $10, is currently listed for sale online for $440.

Above, the next pages. There's something disorienting about seeing just about anything priced at $0.75 (in this case, it's for Bill Berkson's book Ants).

Above, staples signal the middle of the catalog, where we find (among others) a couple of books by Joanne Kyger, including one that's still without a price. Kyger is a rare example of a female writer in these early catalogs: the male-to-female ratio tends to run at something like 20-to-1.

Above, two more internal pages, including Michael Palmer's first book from 1971. The $3 signed cloth might fetch $150 today.

Above, two more internal pages. The Charles Simic signed cloth, here priced at $10, goes for about $180 nowadays. Just above it is Ronald (aka Ron) Silliman's first book.

Above, the ending section of the catalog, which lists magazines, folios and special sets.

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